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Welcome to my site!

On this site I give you an overview of the things I like to do. People say I'm a multi-talent. Maybe that's so but why not use your skills, interest and experience to make life fun and make our place a better place?
After more then 3 decennia in multi-national
up-or-out corporates, I've changed my focus on helping people and businesses improving them selves, working from a personal contact and spending time on innovations. Please check the things I do on this site and use the Contact-form to ask how I can help you.

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What others say about me.
Fred is "A performance-oriented professional with a comprehensive track record of success developing organizational, operational and public affairs strategies in academic and corporate environments. Highly knowledgeable in science and business specialties. Led organization in designing, developing and executing long term excellence. A can do turnaround specialist, brings bottom line expertise as well as refreshing and energetic approach to corporate advancement across divisions. Respected leader with superb interpersonal skills and proven ability to flawlessly implement innovative strategies and manage multiple task effectively. Analytical thinker with the highest standards of professionalism and personal integrity. Unique in combing “The old and the new world” in digitization and mobile."

As a counselor Fred helped me to take steps I never though, steps I did not believe I could make. He helped me to get focus, be more confident, let me grow.
For an overview of my career please visit my Linkedin-page.

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